Will Medium become an NFT platform in the Metaverse?

6 min readNov 6, 2021

Will Crypto, Blockchains, NFTs, the Metaverse, come to writing? Why not?

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I am a Newbie on Medium, and on Cryptocurrencies. My day job is being a Fortune Teller. I have over 700 repeat clients. A few years ago, a client wanted to know about his investment in Cryptocurrencies, will it payoff for his financial plans? This was in 2018. Five years earlier, in 2013, his new wife was stuck in Southeast Asia with their newborn. The US had tighten visa restrictions, so they were separated by US immigration policies, for months, maybe years. He wanted to know if they would live together in the US, and when? He missed his wife and son. I told him it would happen in 6 months.

It happened like I predicted, within 6 months.

So he happily came back and wanted to know about his cryptocurrency future. Actually, he wanted to know about his financial future, as he was betting big on a small unknown Altcoin (“alt” as in not Bitcoin in 2018) that he hoped would secure his future with his new family, and toward retirement. I guess he knew something about gambling, because he worked in a casino. I told him that his investment would go down in the short term, but would come back up and be successful. He must have posted his insight on some Crypto Discord or Blog, because for awhile, new clients wanted to know about their crypto future, too. At that time, I thought these people went from buying lottos to betting on crypto in hopes of beating the odds and making it big.

Now, I own 10 different Cryptocurrencies.

Photo by Roger Brown from Pexels

Having just started writing on Medium, I have read articles about the changes to Medium, the possible future of Medium, the Medium Writers Challenge (MWC, which got me to finally write something here), etc. There seemed to be some angst from people who had some hopes for success, on this platform. They share what works, what doesn’t, looking for their own sustainability on Medium, writing many formula type Listicles in their drive to figure it out, by attracting others who are trying to figure it out, before they go to someone else who is trying to figure it out.