Hellos, Goodbyes, Ice Blue Eyes

A Fortune Teller’s Tales: Episode 1



“Hellos, Goodbyes, Ice Blue Eyes” Original Digital Art by Wanugee

She was looking at me, in full work uniform. The pale blue of her hair cap was much lighter than her blue scrubs, but matched her ice blue eyes. Was that their true color, or the result of transmitting her feelings through them to me? She urgently wanted a reading of her future, Stat! She was on her morning break, at a medical facility, in her scrubs and hair cap, using an iPhone. She had removed her blue surgical mask.

I noticed she had enough time to put on some lipstick, and pull some gold locks out from under her cap. Maybe anxious about her reading, she needed something to calm herself down? Like wanting to make a good impression on a blind date? Beneath that facade, her nervous energy ran rampant between her heart and head. Maybe this was a small, but familiar gesture to herself, of reassurance.

We were doing her fortune reading via an internet video app. I was at home, she was at work. The center symbol for her reading, displayed on a Mah Jong tile that I use for fortune telling the energy flowing in the future, was the “House” tile. This tile, in this context, implies that there may be a change in her living situation, the walls around her were shifting, the energy where she spends time was changing. This was the theme for the next 6 months.

Hearing this, her tense anticipation changed immediately. She visibly slumped with an exhale, slouching, her head lowering forward, to where I couldn’t see those ice blue eyes anymore. She was moving out of her lover’s house. This confirmed it. Her heart sank, with that slouching exhale, on our first meeting. Like a first date gone bad, the lipstick didn’t help.

Something about that moment, connected with my own memories. Perhaps it was the ice blue eyes, the blonde hair, the sadness of separation.

There I was, in French class. The teacher was saying “Ouvre la porte. Ferme la porte”. I had never heard French before, certainly not in the 3rd grade, and was bewildered with what was going on. The French teacher called on me, on my first day, and then repeated, “Ouvre la porte …?”, expecting me to reply with the second part of her example. I was nervous, anxious, I did not know what the teacher wanted from me, in front of all my classmates…