Fortune Teller, but not a Gypsy?

3 min readMar 14, 2021

I’m not a Fortune Teller. At least not the classic image of one.

You know, the Gypsy born outside of town, in a tent, camper or shack, down by the river. I wasn’t born one, a Fortune Teller, or a Gypsy. And I am not a Gypsy Fortune Teller! Or am I? As I reflect on my childhood, perhaps I was a Gypsy? I had lived in 3 different countries, separated by 17,000 miles of oceans, by the age of 8.

If you define Gypsy as a wanderer, roaming about from town to town, a little different, and hard to define and pin down, I might fit.

That’s because I also have “international looks”. I could pass for a lot of ethnicities. Many people want to guess, but they are rarely right. Everybody uses their own filter anyway. We are the sum of our life experiences, so we recognize/relate to what we have experienced/learned. I have been asked so many times, in so many ways, I started to ask the stranger where they were from. After they told me, I would say “So Am I!” It’s an easy way to relate (and get accepted) by a stranger, and learn a bit of their culture, too. If they ask more questions, I would just throw it back to them, they would tell me, and I would reiterate, “So am I!”. Eventually it would get down to “Do you know so and so….?”, and I would just say no, but nice talking to you! And wander off.

Like a Gypsy?

I have, over the years, been to 30+ countries, 30+ States in the US, and 500+ cities and towns around the world. I guess I am more of a Gypsy than I ever realized? However, I’ve only lived in 3 countries and 2 US states. I visited or traveled through all the other places. So maybe I am a wandering Gypsy? Or maybe a Carnie? I do love games!

I am Eurasian.

Biracial. A blend of languages, looks, food, cultures and experiences. So that makes me hard to define, like a Gypsy? But I don’t wear a bandana on my head, or multiple bead necklaces. But I do have a crystal ball! Like a Gypsy? However, it is just for table decorations when I do Fortune Readings at parties. It’s to fill party guests’ expectations of the classic Fortune Teller in movies. I don’t actually use it for predictions. Or do I?

I have done thousands of Fortune Readings.