A Fortune Tellers’ Tales. Episode 4, Part 1: “All is Fair in Love and War.”

She was mumbling forceful sounds with her lips closed, while struggling to break free, like an abducted captive with duct tape over her mouth. Her body was rocking back and forth, as if her hands…

A Fortune Teller’s Tales, Episode 3

Jennifer had a nice broad smile that pushed her cheeks upward like a cute squirrel packing a lunch. Tilting her head to one side, in that endearing way, made her large pupils appear that much more sincere. Her eyes appeared sunken, however, with dark…

A Fortune Teller’s Tales: Episode 1

She was looking at me, in full work uniform. The pale blue of her hair cap was much lighter than her blue scrubs, but matched her ice blue eyes. Was that their true color, or the result of transmitting her feelings through them to me? She urgently wanted a reading…


Wanugee went from Tech Exec to Fortune Teller! Awareness Guidance Counselor at Golden Dragon Fortunes. K-Rap Psychic on YouTube. A Fortune Teller’s Tales.

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